DATE: 7.11.2021
DISTANCE: 42.195 Km
START: Arona
FINISH: Verbania
MAX TIME: 5,30h



  • 5Eligibility


As requested by the Italian Athletic Federation every participant must be 20 yrs old (Marathon – 33 Km), 18 yrs old (Half Marathon) and 16 yrs old (10 Km) on NOV 7th 2021.


Foreigner’s members of Sport Clubs affiliated to a National Athletic Federation recognized by the IAAF

SUPPLEMENTARY DOCUMENTS REQUIRED (ATTENTION! Bring all documents at the Sport Expo to collect your BIB number):

  • Self-declaration attesting the membership to a Sport Club recognized by National Federation affiliated to the IAAF (download template on section “Registration/Download Area”).

Foreigners holding a Runcard FIDAL/EPS

SUPPLEMENTARY DOCUMENTS REQUIRED (ATTENTION! Bring all documents at the Sport Expo to collect your BIB number):

  • Agonistic Medical Certificate (download template on section “Registration/Download Area”) valid on NOV 7th 2021.
  • Runcard FIDAL or Runcard FIDAL/EPS

Note:  Runcard FIDAL (Italian Athletic Federation) is the compulsory card to compete on agonistic races in Italy for athletes not members of foreign Sport Clubs and it is comprehensive of insurance. The Runcard FIDAL subscription is valid for one year at any Italian competition and must be valid on race day; respect of Runcard FIDAL rules it is full responsibility of the athlete. Subscription of new Runcard FIDAL on

  • 5Fees




SLOT 01-100

SLOT 101-300

SLOT 301-600

SLOT 601-1000


(MAX 1000)

€ 45,00

€ 55,00

€ 65,00

€ 75,00

€ 85,00



SLOT 01-50

SLOT 51-150

SLOT 151-300

SLOT 301-500


(MAX 500)

€ 35,00

€ 45,00

€ 55,00

€ 65,00

€ 75,00



SLOT 01-100

SLOT 101-300

SLOT 301-600

SLOT 601-1000


 (MAX 1000)

€ 25,00

€ 30,00

€ 35,00

€ 40,00

€ 50,00



SLOT 01-150

SLOT 151-500


 (MAX 500)

€ 15,00

€ 20,00

€ 30,00


  • 5Refund policy

Refund - Cancellation policy

No possibility to change selected distance during registration.

Registration fees are not refundable. Athletes who cannot participate has the option “Transfer Registration Fee” to LMM 2022 (same distance LMM 2021).

Participants has to send their request via e-mail ([email protected]) by OCT 21th 2021 attaching a payment receipt of € 10,00 commission fee.

Bank Transfer to Sport PRO-MOTION A.S.D. - -  Banca Intesa Sanpaolo ag. Baveno (VB)

IBAN: IT 65 U030 6945 1611 0000 0000 774 – Codice SWIFT/BIC: BCITITMMXXX  - ATTENTION! Participants must cover commission Fees.

On payment order, specify exp. “Entry Fee Transfer to LMM 2022 - Paul Bright/42K”.

Applicant must register again for LMM 2022 by OCT 4th 2021 sending the entry form and all required documents.

In case of cancellation due to major events, the O.C. will not reimburse the entry fees but will evaluate the transfer to next edition.

  • 5Registration office

Registration Office

Registration managed by SDAM – Sport Data Management S.r.l. Enquires about registration:        

E-mail: [email protected]

  • 5Options and closure

Options and closure

On payment orders Please specify name of registered athletes and selected race (exp. Paul Bright/10 Km). Entry forms with incomplete data, without payment evidence or supplementary documentation required will not to be processed.

ON-LINE  By NOV 4th 2021

Directly on with easy, fast and secure system.

Registration and payment by credit card or PAYPAL (commission applied).

SPORT EXPO NOV 5th/6th  - only cash payments

In person at the Sport Expo providing:

  1. Registration Form fulfilled/undersigned
  2. Supplementary documents required
  • 5Download


  • 5Services included


  • Personalized BIB number          

  • CHIP                             

  • Showers                                                 

  • Medical Assistance

  • Official Gadget                         

  • Finisher’s Medal                       

  • Heated Changing Rooms                   

  • Race Certificate

  • Third Part Insurance

  • Deposit/Transport Deposit Bag

  • Technical Briefing/Course Presentation      Massage

  • Refreshment/Sponge Points      

  • Timing by CHIP Technology  

  • Restaurants/Bars Special Prices

  • WC

  • Pacemaker Service                   

  • Deposit Bag             
  • 5Bib pick up - delegation

BIB Pick up - Delegation

From NOV 3RD 2021, the “Confirmation Letter” downloadable on by every participant on mobile device; it must be shown at Sport Expo to BIB Number collection.

Sport Expo SPORTWAY Lake Maggiore Marathon - Arona (NO) Largo Pietro Vidale (lakeside) - Italy

Opening Hours:         FRI            05.11.2021              3.00pm - 7.00pm

SAT           06.11.2021              10.00am - 7.00pm

SUN          07.11.2021              until 15 minutes before the race at Start Area (Arona), for 10km Start Area (Fondotoce)


Delegations to third person accepted only on NOV 5th  – 6th 2021 NOT on race day.

BIB number, Race KIT and Official Gadget can be collected at:

It will be possible to delegate a third person to pick-up the BIB number; the appointed person must provide the following documents:

  • Confirmation Letter undersigned by delegating person + Delegation (attached to Confirmation Letter)
  • Copy ID (Passport or Identity Card) of delegating person.
  • 5Pacers


The O.C. will provide a team of pacemakers to help participants of Marathon, 33 Km and Half Marathon races achieve their time target. Final target time:

Race Marathon/Half Marathon – Marathon Final Time Projection (3 PACER/GROUP) - Race 33 Km – Marathon Final Time Projection (2 PACER/GROUP) 

3h00' (avg cca. 4’15’’/Km) - 3h15' (avg cca. 4’37’’/Km)                                  

3h30' (avg cca. 4’58’’/Km) - 3h45' (avg cca. 5’20’’/Km)                                

4h00' (avg cca. 5’40’’/Km) - 4h15' (avg cca. 6’02’’/Km)                                

4h30' (avg cca. 6’25’’/Km) - 4h45' (avg cca. 6’45’/Km)                                 

5h00' (avg cca. 7’05’/Km)          

  • 5Refreshment - sponge points

Refreshments - Spongepoints

Every participant will receive one sponge to be carried for the entire race; this choice is to reduce at maximum the impact on the environment.

As per IAAF/AIMS/FIDAL rules there will be Refreshment Points, with indication of their placement (R=right or L=left), at KM 5.2 (R) – 10.0 (L) - 15.2 (R) - 21.2 (R) – 26.2 (L) - 29.5 (L) - 34.2 (R) - 39.2 (R) - FINISH. At Refreshment Points will be available solid food (fruits) and drinks (water, the and isotonic drink). There will be also Sponge Points, with fresh water in basins, at KM 8.5 (R) – 12.0 (R) – 18.0 (R) – 23.0 (R) – 28.0 (R) - 32.0 (L) - 38.3 (L).

These distances can be subject to variation due to organizational needs.

We kindly ask participants to throw garbage near Refreshment/Sponge Points in order to facilitate cleaning procedures after the race.

  • 5Award ceremony

Award Ceremony

No prize delivery after 02.30 pm on SUN 07.11.2021.

Rankings/race certificates available on; award ceremonies and prizes collection will have following schedules:

12:15                       1-2-3 Position Man/Woman Overall Ranking 10 KM

12:30                       1-2-3 Position Man/Woman Overall Ranking 33 KM

12:45                       1-2-3 Position Man/Woman Overall Ranking Half Marathon

13:00                       1-2-3 Position Man/Woman Overall Ranking Marathon

13:15                       1st Position Man/Woman Age Categories Marathon/Half Marathon/33 KM/10 KM

12:30 - 14:30            Delivery Prizes Age Categories Marathon/Half Marathon/33 KM/10 KM


First three of following male/female age categories will be awarded with shopping coupons or sport products:

PROMISES - SENIORES 23 (Unique Category) - SM/SF 35/40/45/50/55/60-65/70 and over.

*Not cumulative with prizes of General Ranking


Following prize drawn among all participants offered in co-operation with our Hospitality Partner:

Voucher Free Twin Room          GH Des Iles Borromees *****L in Stresa (pre-race saturday night + breakfast)

2 Free Entry                             distances part of the 11th LMM 2022

  • 5Start sectors

Start Sectors

The O.C. will verify best times (PB) indicated by participants during registration.

Following starting sectors will be available based on best times declared during registration.

It will be possible to enter starting sectors with check-in based on assigned BIB numbers at following times:

Marathon/Half Marathon:         from 08.00am

33 Km/10 Km:                          from 09.10am


Sector Race BIB
A Marathon 1 - 99
33 Km 3000 - 3099
Half Marathon 6000 - 6099
10 Km 9000 - 9099
B Marathon 100 - 999
33 Km 3100 - 3999
Half Marathon 6100 - 6999
10 Km 9100 - 9399


Sector Race BIB
C Marathon 1000 - 1999
33 Km 4000 - 4999
Half Marathon 7000 - 7999
10 Km 9400 - 9699
D Marathon 2000 - 2999
33 Km 5000 - 5999
Half Marathon 8000 - 8999
10 Km 9700 - 9999
  • 5Deposit bag

Deposit Bag

The OC denies any liability for lost, damaged or stolen items; we recommend to not leaving any valuable items inside clothes bags.

Only bags supplied by the OC are accepted; along with BIB participants will receive a clothes bag with an adhesive label to be applied on it. At the START Area of each participants can leave their bags inside trucks and re-collected it at FINISH Area of each race.

Delivery START AREA Marathon/Half Marathon/33 KM:            07.30 am to 08.50 am

Delivery START AREA 10 KM:             09:00 am to 10.30 am

  • 5Showers - wc

Showers - WC

Participants can use showers located inside the changing tends at Start/Finish Area of each race.

WC will be available at Start/Finish Area of every race and at Refreshment Points along the course.

  • 5Vehicle along the course

Vehicles on the course

Complying with local government ordinance, vehicles (including bicycles) are not permitted on racecourse. Breaches of the ordinance will punished by law. 

  • 5Changing rooms

Changing Room

Changing rooms not supervised; the O.C. denies any liability for any lost, damaged or stolen items.

Marathon/33 Km: Participants can use Changing Rooms facilities at Start Area in Arona and Finish Area in Verbania Pallanza.

Half Marathon: Participants can use Changing Rooms facilities at Start Area in Arona and Finish Area in Stresa.

10 Km: Participants can use Changing Rooms facilities at Start Area in Fondotoce and Finish Area in Verbania Pallanza.


  • 5Parking area

Parking Areas

On SUN 07.11.2021, the municipality of Arona will reserve for participants parking lots on squares “Aldo Moro” and “Ferrari”. In Verbania parking will be free of charge for participants by placing on car window BIB envelop with the sign “P”. 


  • 5Local transport

Local Transport

Local Transport: (anche collegamenti con aeroporto Bergamo Orio Al Serio) (anche collegamenti con aeroporto Milano Malpensa) (anche collegamenti con aeroporto Milano Malpensa)

  • 5Transport Start – Finish

Transport Start - Finish


Participants can purchase (€ 5.00) this service, by SUN 24.10.2021, during ON-LINE registration or afterwards inside their registration area.
SUN 07.11.2021 the OC will guarantee, with priority, the capacity for all participants who prepaid the service.

For other participants or non-running visitors, following fares will apply:

Single run         € 5           (single run)

Open ticket      € 10         (unlimited travel)

Under 6 yrs.     Free of charge

Tickets available outside wharfs at dedicated LMM desks; public transports also operating (info/costs:

Timetable Verbania - Stresa - Arona:                                                                                                                                                           Timetable Arona - Stresa - Verbania:


Verbania Pallanza 06:45 (Depart.) 12:25 (Depart.) 15:00 (Depart.)
Stresa 07:00 (Arrival) 12:40 (Arrival) 15:15 (Arrival)
Stresa 07:10 (Depart.) 12:50 (Depart.) 15:25 (Depart.)
Arona 08:00 (Arrival) 13:40 (Arrival) 16:15 (Arrival)

Arona 09:45 (Depart.) 13:50 (Depart.)
Stresa 10:35 (Arrival) -
Stresa 12:00 (Depart.) -
Verbania Pallanza 12:15 (Arrival) 14:50 (Arrival)

10K Shuttle Bus

ATTENTION! Shuttle BUS will leave from FINISH AREA (Verbania Pallanza) to START AREA 10 KM (Verbania Fondotoce).

SUN 07.11.2021 participants of 10 KM can use, free of charge by showing their BIB, shuttle BUS connecting FINISH AREA in Verbania Pallanza with START AREA in Verbania Fondotoce.