Hi everyone, we are still very sorry for event cancellation but even more grateful for the trust you gave us.

After evaluating all possible options we inform you about  your entry. As it was declared into our Regulation there is no refund possible, instead our duty in case of this circumstance was to move your entry to 2021. But we have done our best to create an additional option.


All participants will receive an email with instructions to move their entry so you can choose one of the following option:


– move to LMM 2021 (November 7th, 2021)

– move to LMM 2022 (November 6th, 2022)


The choice must be done by December 31st, 2020.

Regarding who purchased extra services, such as Ferry Boat, will receive a discount code equal to the amount paid: the voucher can be used for any 2021 events of Sport PRO-MOTION A.S.D used by you or any other person.′′