Refreshments - Spongepoints

Every participant will receive one sponge to be carried for the entire race; this choice is to reduce at maximum the impact on the environment.

As per IAAF/AIMS/FIDAL rules there will be Refreshment Points, with indication of their placement (R=right or L=left), at KM 5.2 (R) – 10.0 (L) - 15.2 (R) - 21.2 (R) – 26.2 (L) - 29.5 (L) - 34.2 (R) - 39.2 (R) - FINISH. At Refreshment Points will be available solid food (fruits) and drinks (water, the and isotonic drink). There will be also Sponge Points, with fresh water in basins, at KM 8.5 (R) – 12.0 (R) – 18.0 (R) – 23.0 (R) – 28.0 (R) - 32.0 (L) - 38.3 (L).

These distances can be subject to variation due to organizational needs.

We kindly ask participants to throw garbage near Refreshment/Sponge Points in order to facilitate cleaning procedures after the race.