The O.C. will provide a team of pacemakers to help participants of Marathon, 33 Km and Half Marathon races achieve their time target. Final target time:

Race Marathon/Half Marathon – Marathon Final Time Projection (3 PACER/GROUP) - Race 33 Km – Marathon Final Time Projection (2 PACER/GROUP) 

3h00' (avg cca. 4’15’’/Km) - 3h15' (avg cca. 4’37’’/Km)                                  

3h30' (avg cca. 4’58’’/Km) - 3h45' (avg cca. 5’20’’/Km)                                

4h00' (avg cca. 5’40’’/Km) - 4h15' (avg cca. 6’02’’/Km)                                

4h30' (avg cca. 6’25’’/Km) - 4h45' (avg cca. 6’45’/Km)                                 

5h00' (avg cca. 7’05’/Km)